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Disappointment on Boundary Method to decide Cricket World Cup 2019 Winner after a tied super over


Image Source: https://twitter.com/cricketworldcup

We all know that the winner of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is England. England has beaten New Zealand in the super over. This is the first ever Cricket World Cup final to witness a super over. England and New Zeland tied the score both in the 50 overs and in the super over. England beat New Zealand on boundary count after both the match and the subsequent Super Over finished as ties. England was declared as the winner of the match and the World Cup 2019.

Boundary Method: If the scores in the Super Over were tied, the winner would be determined by the two teams’ overall boundary count, including both the match itself and the Super Over.

England won by scoring more boundaries throughout the match.

Cricket Worldcup 2019

Image Source: https://twitter.com/cricketworldcup

Do you know what happens if the boundary count is also equal – The team that scored more boundaries during its innings in the main match (ignoring the Super Over) shall be the winner.

There was a lot of discussion surrounding the Boundary Count rule and it did not sit well with the fans as they took to Twitter to condemn the boundary count rule. Here are some of the reactions.

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