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In this post, we will see how to install Java.

How To Install Java On Windows

First, lets verify whether java is already available in our system

To do that go to command prompt and type java -version

Install Java Command Prompt

If it shows java is not recognised as internal or external command then you have to install java in your system

Go to the below link to download Java.


Install Java Download JDK

Click on the download link under JDK.

Install Java Download JDK

Choose which download link is related to your requirement. Here you can find linux, solaris, mac and windows. I am going to download windows 64 bit. You can find the downloaded file in the default download path of your system. Once it is downloaded just open it to execute Java in your system

Check below video to see “How To Install Java”

Please be patient. The video will load in some time.

Open the file to run it.

click on Next button.

Click on Close button.

Now java is completely installed. Click on close.

Lets verify whether the java is properly installed in our system or not.

By going through command prompt type java -version. Here if you find the message is still java is not recognized as internal or external command.

Here we have to add environment variables. To do that go to control panel – click on system – click on advanced system properties and click on environment variables. Choose path from system variables and click on edit. Here click on new to add Java Path.

Go to C Program files – java – jdk 10.0.1 which i have downloaded right now.

Go till bin and copy the path and add here and click on ok.

Close all the dialog boxes.

Now lets verify whether java is installed or not by going through command prompt..

Enter java -version.

Install Java Recognized Java

Now you can see java version 10.0.1 is installed in our system.

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